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In 2011 marks

 Ten Years

That The
Thunder Bay Martial Arts Council has been in existence


For thousands of years, martial arts have been an integral component of ancient societies to foster an environment of physical & mental health, honor, mutual respect and unity.

Our Mission

We are a community-based organization of 22 martial arts disciplines working together to foster the awareness of the benefits of training in these arts, encourage participation and generate economic activity to make Thunder Bay a healthier place.

About Us

We are comprised of 20 martial arts clubs from Northwestern Ontario

All of our member clubs are sanctioned by a Provincial or National organization 

Through a vision by our past Mayor Ken Boshcoff, 
Thunder Bay is the first city in Canada to organize diverse disciplines to become: 
" The Martial Arts Capital of Canada "

We are a non profit organization that is committed to communication & cooperation between the many different styles, that share this goal. 

Contact Information

Telephone : Day  #  807-577-6221
                     Night # 807-475-3067
                     FAX # 807-475-5391
Postal address: 1320 Rosslyn Road
                 Thunder Bay, Ontario.
                 Canada.    P7E 6W1
Electronic mail

General Information:                 martialartscouncil@shaw.ca
Chairman:      Peng You Lian    taichi@tbaytel.net 
Vice Chair:    Fred Simonaitis    fsimonaitis@gmail.com
Secretary:      Victor Cooke      vic.cooke@shaw.ca

Treasurer:      Ted Ciotucha       tbkarate@shaw.ca